ENGL 301 F11 Schedule Teixido Kelsey Sakai

ENGL 301 F11 Schedule Teixido Kelsey Sakai - ENGL 301...

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ENGL 301 Schedule Fall 2011, Teixido Kelsey Week 1 Sept. 1 Introduction to ENGL 301 syllabus and assignments. Rhetorical strategies, communication process. The professional introduction. Homework: Read 1) “The Appeals: Ethos, Logos, Pathos” by Jeanne Fahnestock, http://members.tripod.com/butler_s/f2002-1002/appeals.html 2) “Basic Questions for Rhetorical Analysis”, Silva Rhetoricae, http://rhetoric.byu.edu/pedagogy/rhetorical%20analysis%20heuristic.htm Write: For Thursday, Sept. 8, write a short professional introduction to yourself, including possible broad areas of interest for the research project (Assignment 2). Post to Sakai on Sept. 8 by 5 pm. Week 2 Sept. 6 View An Inconvenient Truth. Homework: Write a short response (several paragraphs) to the film. What surprised you about the film? What were the highlights, so far? What aspects of the film, if any (style or content) that you would argue with? What’s one really good question you have for Al Gore? Hand in on Thursday. Sept. 8 View An Inconvenient Truth . Assignment 1: The Review. Writing the strong response. Homework: Write the first draft of Assignment 1. Bring a print-out to class for peer review. Week 3 Sept. 13 Draft of Assignment 1: The Review due for peer review. Homework: 1) Write the final draft of Assignment 1. 2) Construct a list of two or three possible topics for the research paper. Sept. 15 Assignment 1: The Review due. Begin topic selection for Assignment 2: Research Paper and Proposal , 360 0 research on an important contemporary issue . Post possible topics to Sakai by 5pm on Monday.
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ENGL 301 F11 Schedule Teixido Kelsey Sakai - ENGL 301...

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