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lab 10-26 129 write up

lab 10-26 129 write up - Kerilyn Ambrosini Mr Wiesenberger...

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Kerilyn Ambrosini 11/1/10 Mr. Wiesenberger BRAE 129 Fire Safety Lab Write-up On Tuesday, October 26 th we had a fire safety lab. In order to prepare us for fighting fires, we viewed two movies. The first movie was called “Fire in the Workplace”. We learned that the United States was the number one in fire deaths out of the countries in the world. In one year, 100,000 people will be in a fire. Smoke is the number one killer in a fire situation. The temperature of the room must be over 165 degrees for a sprinkler system to set off, therefore people should never count on the sprinkler. Even though there are around 35,000 fire departments in the United States, fire stations would be less needed if people took more care. The next movie we watched was “Safety on the Job: Fire Extinguishers”. It was about the different types of fire extinguishers and their relation to the different types of fires that can be started. Label A fire extinguishers are designated for common combustibles. Fire extinguishers with the label B are for
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