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Kerilyn Ambrosini 11/4/10 Dr. Cavaletto BRAE 128 Dr. Kellogg Presentation On Monday, November 8, 2010, Dr. Kellogg came and spoke to our BRAE 128 lab group. Dr. Kellogg is the head of the Agriculture Education department in the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences. He started his presentation with Tool Time, where we had the opportunity to experience different types of tools and new innovative tools that he personally enjoyed. We learned about reinforcement bar tying processes and he demonstrated an interesting tool that facilitated the process. Next, he went into how the state is in great need of agriculture teachers. The largest demand for teachers in the California is for ones in the agricultural area. The largest enrollment in agriculture classes is in the agriculture mechanics area. Both Agriculture Systems Management and BioResource and Agriculture Engineering major can become high school agriculture teachers, especially agriculture mechanics teachers. The state will even help pay for the education of
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