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29.77: The primary assumption throughout the problem is that the square patch is small enough so that the velocity is constant over its whole areas, that is, . d r v ϖ = a) : page into clockwise, B BL d vBL ε = = B v × = = = Since . ρ dBA L A R I points outward, A is just the cross-sectional area . tL dBLt I = flowing radially outward since B v × points outward. b) ILB I B b = × = × = B L F F d τ ; pointing counterclockwise. So τ t L B d 2 2 2 = pointing out of the page (a counterclockwise torque opposing the
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Unformatted text preview: clockwise rotation). c) If page, into and ckwise counterclo B I flow inward radially since B v points inward. clockwise (again opposing the motion); If counterclockwise and B out of the page I radially outward clockwise (opposing the motion) The magnitudes of and I are the same as in part (a)....
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