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J.I. AS101 Reading Question Ch3.25 5/31/07 Does it Make Sense? 25. A scientific theory should never gain acceptance until it has been proved true beyond all doubt. A scientific theory should gain acceptance so long as it has been tested thoroughly and has followed the guidelines of the scientific model. So long as it is has taken proper steps towards a logical and scientifically sound conclusion it should be able to gain acceptance. The idea of proving something beyond all doubt is not a particularly sound statement. There are limits to the technology we have before us. Certain things have been measured
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Unformatted text preview: and observed quite accurately some have not. The great part of science is the way that knowledge expands and the way that people push the limits to finding new things and new ways to observe things. If theories needed to be proven beyond all doubt then many could be left behind. Experiments prove theories to the best that technology can allow and the scientific model guides scientists to find the most accurate conclusions that can then gain acceptance....
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