Exam 1 review - o Pi model o Simplifications medium&...

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Lecture 1 o Big picture o Grid o History Lecture 2 o Phasors o Complex power o Conservation of power o Reactive compensation/ PF correction o Balanced 3 phase o Y, delta connections o Delta-wye transform Lecture 3 o Examples o Per phase analysis o Transmission lines o Transmission line modeling Lecture 4 o Restructuring o Smart grid o Grid operations o AGC Lecture 5 o Transactions between areas o Economic dispatch o Constraints o Locational Marginal Price o Magnetics associated with T-lines o Inductance of single line Lecture 6 o Inductance of parallel conductors: 2, >2 o Symmetry o Conductor bundling o Transposition Lecture 7 o Conductors o Electric fields, single wire o Electric fields, multiple conductors o T-line capacitance o ACSR o Other T-line effects (underground, corona, dc, trees, etc) Lecture 8 o T-line models
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o V(x), I(x) equations o T-line ABCD matrix
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Unformatted text preview: o Pi model o Simplifications: medium & short length line, lossless o Ideal transformers o Real transformers: core loss, leakage, finite core mu o Transformer equivalent circuit • Lecture 9 o Referring o Open circuit/short circuit tests o Per unit o 3 phase per unit o Change of base o 3 phase transformers (Y-Y, Y-delta, delta-delta) • Lecture 10 o Special transformers: LTC, phase shifting, autotransformers o Low probability high impact events o Load model o Generator model o Linear vs nonlinear • Lecture 11 o Ybus o Modification: shunts o V-I relationship o Power flow equations • Lecture 12 o Iterative methods: gauss iteration o Slack bus o Gauss-seidel o PF bus types • Lecture 13 o Newton Raphson o Jacobian...
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Exam 1 review - o Pi model o Simplifications medium&...

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