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MicroEcon HW2 pg 1

MicroEcon HW2 pg 1 - 32%3 $th ENVMANR mxmemnomg M “\nhon...

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Unformatted text preview: 32%3 $th ENVMANR mxmemnomg M “\ \nhon Hemcwmk 3&7. ’i. (M9. 393% QYV \V‘MMCL cums 91‘s): oeward’shpmry ““5 Gears NM «\L cg ‘M cwfig is SOMMMS and MM \x‘pz the. Mom 0% N (5003 Wm 3w;— \\’(\\\\\5) and &ON (5906 \s Q nocmq\ ‘Bmd' @3553 Two \AA\%MQ CUWLS m5 m\‘ \nWéeCT stfl “MM to, Mom @omfi on W. WW6 Mk" maxim mm» 0%» WV». gmésg wove 0‘} . ,‘x‘ \m\'\\ 009036 —’— mm uh\\\?3. EX 1(”F’Z. NW?“ & 4. ...
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