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Unformatted text preview: MAE MAE 1004 HW #1 due Wed. (Feb. 2) in class at 3:45 pm PLEASE include your lab section on page 1 (after your name; e.g., John Smith, Section 33) Get four pencils and bring them to class Where to buy the B pencil? to buy the pencil? Today’s topics Chapter 1. 1. the importance of the “construction line” pencil In-class 1/31/2011 6 Sketching and Shape Description Sketching and Shape Description practice practice 1 MAE 1004 HW #1 John Smith, Section 33 Cube (drawing and its dimensions) Cylinder (drawing and its dimensions) Page 1 2 Get pencils, eraser, and ruler pencils eraser and ruler Where to buy the B pencil? 3 MAE 1004 MAE 1004 En Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics Chapter 6 Sketching and Shape Description Obj Objectives Learn principles of technical sketching View sketches of objects in 2-D and 3-D 3Sketch the primary views of an orthographic drawing Practice sketching (freehand drawing) Construction lines, visible lines, hidden lines, and centerlines Pencil 1, Pencil 2, Pencil 3, and Pencil 4 ***** See solid models of some objects discussed in class in Professor Shen’s office in Professor Shen office 5 6 * Use graph paper if possible 7 ISOMETRIC 8 9 Pencil 1 Pencil 2 Pencil 3 Pencil 4 10 HB (or B) pencil 4 3 HB (or B) pencil B (or 2B) pencil 2 H (or 2H) pencil 1 11 Several ‘one-stroke’ segments 12 No gap when sketching visible lines Several ‘one-stroke’ segments 13 14 15 * Use Use graph paper if possible graph paper if possible 16 II’ 17 Construction line II’ 18 Construction line Visible line II’ 19 II’ 20 No gap No gap No gap II’ No gap No gap You may rotate the paper when sketching a circle (or another feature) th 21 Create construction lines first 22 Create construction lines first li fi Do not erase construction lines in this class 23 Important: “Construction Line” pencil (or pencil 1) 24 25 * We use graph paper in sketching ** Calculate the number of grids carefully 26 27 28 Chapter 18 Isometric Projection 29 Construction line Chapter 18 Isometric Projection 30 Visible line Chapter 18 Isometric Projection 31 32 Create construction lines first Do not erase construction lines in this class not erase construction lines in this class 33 34 35 36 37 Chapter 19 Oblique Projection 38 39 Compare 40 41 Practice Practice Freehand sketching of the followings: th 1. 2. 3. 4. A square; side = 2 grids A circle; diameter = 4 grids A square; side = 6 grids square; side grids A circle; diameter = 8 grids [need more than 8 arcs] On one graph paper Freehand sketch do not use ruler to draw Freehand sketch, do not use ruler to draw Draw construction lines first and then draw visible lines (do not erase construction lines) Follow the guidelines described in Chapter 6 Ch II’ 42 MAE 1004 MAE 1004 Bring pencils, eraser, and square graph paper to every class 43 ...
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