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2. Executive Summary This report focuses on the comparison of Shane’s Rib Shack and Slope’s BBQ and discusses how each company uses their website to their advantage, what are the disadvantages, and the way those disadvantages could be improved. Both companies compete in the same industry of barbecue products and traditional southern dishes; however, there is a big difference regarding the level of professionalism that is reflected in their webpages. Shane’s is a nationwide franchise that has rapidly grown for the past ten years. Their website is a good example of how a company can use technology to its competitive advantage. A professional look and good organization along with a clean layout, lots of updates, and an effective use of social media networking tools make the customers more confident in the company’s products and services. On the other hand, the Slope’s BBQ website does not add value to their company. Being a smaller company with only five locations in Georgia, Slopes focuses its attention primarily on the quality of their food and customer interaction and completely misses the technological aspect of their business. The webpage looks too simple and outdated with little information and no maintenance that leaves the customers with the impression of unprofessionalism. Taking into consideration that there are so many areas to be improved, the only way for the company to handle it is to hire specialists, which can be too costly for a small company. 3. Companies For our research assignment we chose two separate restaurants, one a large, multi- branched, and the other a small, regionally based entity; Shane’s Rib Shack and Slope’s BBQ, respectively. Both of these restaurants specialize in barbecue products and southern side dishes and desserts. Both entities are in the service division, with their primary focus being the barbecue niche. Shane’s and Slopes both differ in their operations in that Shane’s is a nationwide franchise, and more “fast casual” in its operations while Slopes has only select locations in the Georgia area, and it more of a “slow casual” dining experience. Both chains are for-profit
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Initech- organizations, and both are privately–held organizations, with neither disclosing their financial statements to the general public. Shane’s Rib Shack has been in operation since 2002, with Shane and Stacy Thompson opening their first location in McDonough, Georgia 1 . The initial location of Shane’s was very rural and desolate, a “shack” if you will, even complete with a real outhouse, (although this was not intended to add to the effect). In 2004, Shane and Stacy opened their second location in what was formerly a small, desolate family restaurant 2 . Through the design of this restaurant, Shane’s began to pattern its future locations after the “shack” design, but in the process also began incorporating a modern décor to highlight its concept. In this same year, Shane’s became “franchised”, which allows individuals to buy in to a restaurant, essentially owning and operating
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FINAL%20DRAFT%20BISM%203100%20Group%20Project_EXAMPLE - 2...

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