RelativeResourceManager - Warp ,mis- "' .r'.’...

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Unformatted text preview: Warp ,mis- "' .r'.’ .’r.' d ’ 0i IVllS rah The Importance “ FQd You're firing me.” “Well, fired is a harsh word, but. . .well, ' a '- FlexTime has no further need for your services.” “But, Kelly, I don’t get it. I really don’t. I worked hard, and I did everything you told me to do.” “Jennifer, that’s just it. You did every- thing I told you to do.” “I put in so many hours. How could you fire me????" “Your job was to find ways we can generate additional revenue from our exist- ing club members.” “Right! And I did that.” “No, you didn’t. You followed up on ideas that I gave you. But we don't need someone who can follow up on my plans. We need sorneone who can figure out what we need to do, create her own plans, and bring them back to me. . . . And others.” “How could you expect me to do that? I’ve only been here 4 months!!!” “It's called teamwork. Sure, you’re just learning our business, but I made sure all of our senior staff would be available to you. . . ” "I didn’t want to bother them.” 6" But today, they’re not enough. “Well, you succaeded. I asked Iason what he thought of the plans you’re work- ing on. ‘Who’s Jennifer?’ he asked." "But. doesn’t he work at night?" “Right. He’s the night staff manager . . . and 37 percent of our weekday business occurs after 7 RM. Probably worth talking to him." “I’ll go do that! " _ ” “Iennifer, do you see what just happened? I gave you an idea and you said you’ll do it. That's not whatl need. I need you to find _ solutions on your own." "I worked really hard. I put in a lot of hours. I’ve got all these reports written.” “Has anyone seen them?” “I talked to you about some of-them. But. I was waitjng until I was satisfied with them.” “Right. That’s not how we do things here. We develop ideas and then kick them around with each other. Nobody has all the smarts. Our plans get better when we comment and rework them . . . I think ltold you that.” "Maybe you did. But I'm just not com- fortable with that.” "Well, it’s a key skill here.” "I know I can do this job.” "Iennifer, you’ve been here almost 4 months; you have a degree in business. Several weeks ago. I asked you for your first idea about how to upsell our customers. Do you remember what you said?" >> STUUE" _ Why is introduction to MS the most important class in the business school? "-02 What is MiS‘? 03 How can you use the five-component o n c u x n o o v n s u - u u u o n a I n u u u 4 o u - n a o - o o u a u on Q5 What makes some information better than other information? 06 Why is the difference between informa- tion technology and information .9? “Yes, I wasn't sure how to proceed. I didn't want to just throw something out that might not work." “But how would you find out if it would work?” "I don’t want to waste money . . . ” f‘No, you don't. So, when you didn’t get very far with that task, I backed up and asked you to send me a diagram of the life cycle for one of our clients . . . how we get them in the door, how we enroll them in their first classes, how we continue to sell to them. . . ” “Yes, I sent you that diagram." “Jennifer, it made no sense. Your diagram had people talking to Neil in accounts receivable before they were even customers." “I know that process, I just couldn’t put it down on paper. But, I’ll try again! " "Well, I appreciate that attitude, but times are tight. We don't have room for trainees. When the economy was strong, I’d have been able to look for a spot for you, see if we can bring you along. But, we can’t afford to do that now.” “What about my references?” “I’ll be happy to tell anyone that you’re reliable, that you work 40 to 45 hours a week, and that you’re honest and have integrity.” “Those are important!" "Yes. they are. But today, they’re not enough." I systems important? 07 2020? t a o c - n o a a u o q o o v n n u o n n e n o o n u I o o 4 o a n a o u o a o o r n o c o o o n c _ ...
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This note was uploaded on 11/17/2011 for the course IS 3100 taught by Professor Jamesrhea during the Fall '11 term at Kennesaw.

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RelativeResourceManager - Warp ,mis- "' .r'.’...

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