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EXAMPLE Team Project Operating Agreement/Project Plan Mission: Our mission is to be informative, entertaining, and precise in the research that will be collected for this project. Team Supreme will do the very best and be the best in presenting the IPV6 project. Purpose: To inform the class of the new technology that will be represented in the future. We will present research, documents, and a web site that will show how this technology will work and what it will do for the global community in the future. Decision: The way decisions will be made is by whatever is good for the group. Team Supreme will compromise in order to obtain the ultimate mission. Meetings: Meetings will be held every Friday at 11 a.m. The group has decided to meet in the student center in the conference rooms. Online meetings will be held as needed. Meeting Attendance: Attendance will be mandatory. If there is a reason that a person will not be able to show then a 24 hour notice will need to be given so that the group will know what to do in the
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Team%20Project_projectplan_operating_agreement_example0 -...

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