Final Exam Review MC 201 sectional review

Final Exam Review MC 201 sectional review - Final Exam...

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Final Exam Review: MC 201: mazower until end of syllabus also read Valdes from Angel make sure to answer question (and don’t add in random stuff that doesn’t fit) Short Answers: Obvious sexual liberal v sexual conservative o prof berns lecture o sexual liberal can be negative reaction to sexual conservative upbringing, different school of thought— more of result than cause o sexual conservative how does someone become sexual conservative—don’t just peg as religion, also about people how are married are more likely to be conservative than people not married, where you are in life defines it—common main thing, parents and how they were raised. Many people from 1960s grew up in sexual conservative household when sex wasn’t really mentioned or discussed some people find it reassuring some people were sexual liberal and had bad experience civil rights act of 1964 comprehensive sex education o opposite of absence only better than no sex education how to have safe sex voting rights act of 1965 o talked about by prof Zeeler (last section of dudziack book) Negative eugenics What does Mazower mean by dark continent o Most of 20 th century was full of uncertainty went through so many different types of governments, lots of wars, violence, never guaranteed to have democracy work in Europe o Dark—evil, meaning lots of turmoil happened Communism (people all equal) vs fascism o Communism, communal living communal society o Fascism, Nazi Germany, one dictator controlling everything o Stalin— o Qualifying communism Know diff between principle and practice o What law says, v what people do Social hygiene o Sex-euphemism No sex outside of marriage Public morality o Social norms(find examples from largent’s lecture)
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No sex outside of marriage Difference of liberal and social democracy o Liberal democracy Small gov—gov doesn’t get involved in economic activity Believers say function of gov is to make sure society can function without major threat from invading, tends to be conservative notion individualism Negative liberty o Social democracy Ex in Europe, larger welfare system, closing gap between rich and poor, higher taxes More focus on society as whole Positive liberty Social engineering o Eugenics Taking bad out, putting more of good Creating society a certain way Preventing certain people from reproducing Creating high quality citizens Distinction between formal equality(success of civil rights movement) and inequality that remains in certain areas Level of success and nature of it Had some success but not complete success 1. Both Dudziak’s Cold War Civil Rights and Luker’s When Sex Goes to School address changes in American sex, gender, and race relations during the 1950s and 1960s. To what extent did the events of this time period fundamentally transform sex, gender, and racial relations in the United States? Outline:
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Final Exam Review MC 201 sectional review - Final Exam...

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