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MC201 the federalist papers notes - MC201 the federalist...

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MC201 the federalist papers notes No 1 General introduction (Hamilton) pages 27-31 Deciding on what should be included in the constitution: its important because it is required to determine safety, welfare, and in general the fate of these people and their world. People’s personalities dictate their decisions which leads to questions of if men can establish good governments based on their reflections and past choices, or if they always must struggle interpret constitutions in the continually evolving present day. The era we are at today is forcing us to decide and if we choose wrong we can bring misfortune to all. Combining philanthropy and patriotism to increase the anxiety of men about the issue. It would be ideal to have unbiased decisions based on true important interests—but that is very unrealistic because it affects too much to not involve controversy and other things leading to the disruption of the truth. The biggest obstacle the constitution will have to face is the skeptical class of men that oppose all changes involving power, money and their place in society. Additionally is the perverted ambition of another class of men wanting to aggrandize themselves (get themselves more power) by using the confusions and problems of the country—or will make themselves appear better with moving up to higher prospects from the smaller parts of the empire that break down into smaller branches where they are to form the overall government. I am well aware that it would be a bad idea to solve these problems without figuring in the needs of others while not taking them word for word (mainly because their situations might subject them to suspicion). However, if admitting everything openly (or in candor) it can be said these men can be motivated (actuated) by direct intentions and it cannot be doubted that this opposition may come from minds led astray due to jealousy and fear. The powerful things that make peoples judgments be falsely biased are so common that we see it on both the right and wrong side of the questions in society. Another reason to be cautious is because we never know what is influencing people who advocate the truth. Ends page 28 The Federalist Papers #9 (reworded) The most important aspect to the peace and freedom of the States is having a firm universal government against (domestic factions and insurrection) the minorities in the government and the uprisings they bring. It is impossible to understand the history of the trivial problems of the republics in Greece and Italy without feeling horror and disgust at the distraction they continually held. Also at the way they were continually kept in an agitated state between the extremes of tyranny and anarchy with a variety of revolutions mixed in. If they have some periods of peace, they only act as a gate-way to the huge battles that are to come. When the occasional times of happiness appear, we observe them with a mixture of regret because we know that soon enough the rebellions and rages will start
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MC201 the federalist papers notes - MC201 the federalist...

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