Midterm Review Notes - Mid-Term Review 1. Majority tyranny...

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Mid-Term Review 1. Majority tyranny 2. Liberty and equality 3. Faction 4. Soft despotism 5. Slavery 6. Statesmanship 7. Drift vs mastery(drift let it happen, mastery-working to form a gov by reflecting on human nature,/political nature) 8. Tve liberty (liberty vs 9. Equality of social conditions 10. Civil Associations 11. Reason and Moderation 1. Southerners in 1960. Whites are over blacks 2. Tocqueville—legislature (conformism) (soft despotism) 3. In feds-structural Tocqueville— social covered up by law (ie slavery) Federalists-extending the sphere, ambition, break conformism or remove causes. Forces people Tocqueville-continues w civil associations, give people a way to unite virtuous citizens and self interest well understood. White men where in a totally different sphere. Solving a problem of liberty- scarifies equality and vice versa. Philosophical vs practical. Lincoln- philosophical, doesn’t speak to constitution. Decision between what philosophically makes sense vc what makes sense practically. Political prudence— statesmanship—how to solve conflicts pertaining to philo vs practical problems. Getting people to agree w you (moderation) chose to end slavery because it was too radical. 9/1.10 Themes of course Drift vs. mastery—rational gov overcomes drifts, thoughtful choices overcome choices State—the individual—state protect, teach, guide How doe roles apply to US Will of the people Never allow race to government in democracy Slavery is a form of tyranny its written in constitution Liberal democracy can exist with tyranny Case study: nation making, take control of democracy, political prices of constitutional democracy vc republicanism. Human nature vs nurture moderation/ self righteousness Bias and motives Need moderation but best to dominate Why/ how need energy in gov 9/3/10 General Introduction (Hamilton) Convention may 25 th 1787—newspapers Motives can be suspect Have to create peace before you can make laws Federalist #9 Borders, worried about north and south split, realize now that it did not work Liberty-republican governments seemed to be in conflict with order stability Feds—need strong gov due to lack of firm order Rebels pushed feds hard towards constitution Gov for and by the people based on liberty and try to own anarchy-liberty We are better now because we know Separation of powers Checks and balances 2 house Enlargement of the orbit—one can enlarge tyranny Montesquei—need a testimony for republican gov to work Antifeds used this to their advantage Montesque- create a confederacy
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Confed republic compromise between need for a small republic and large Security demands large testimony, liberty demands smaller units No internal or external security in small A union can repress domestic faction insurrection Relationship between feds and state matter of discretion—federal gov should always be superiors States presence independence fed produces disunity 9/20/10 Despotism, encroachment, impenalism,
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Midterm Review Notes - Mid-Term Review 1. Majority tyranny...

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