Lindahls Review Session MC 202

Lindahls Review Session MC 202 - Lindahls Review Session MC...

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Lindahl’s Review Session MC 202 MC 202 Mid-term Review: 1. Key themes in Held – definitions and perspectives of globalization a. globalist/anti-globalist, internationalist and transformationalist b. definitions, distinctions and examples of political, economic and cultural globalization c. the relationship between globalization and democracy Lindahl’s review: globalization is a process that takes place “behind our backs” (cultural, economical, political) Mcd fear of capitalist? Back to process of globalization—it is taking place o Craw—everyone agrees it is happening? (NOT TRUE) But yes it is a process! Yet significant… Cosmopolitanism is an ought o How we ought to be as individuals o Issue of how to be a cosmo citizen is still controversial Link between the two—in a more globalized world we have more ways to be cosmopolitan citizens o They are not the same, just somewhat linked Helds book review tips: o Get three categories right! Explain each and exemplify what each concept means Use examples o Think about where would you argue (one way or the other) how you would make a case ext. . o Not generally accepted concepts (just his ideals) o Comparing how cosmopolitanism and globalization relate to each other— might be a question! Talk about each as a process and how one should behave in that setting Use Obama—not a theory in his book, or a thesis; so use it to think about indications of living in globalized world? Or that we can live more cosmopolitan lives? Is he personally an example? or does he give examples? Is there a relation with his discussion of racial issues with mcdonel? Use examples from the movies 2. Key concepts themes in Kant – a. cosmopolitanism, b. republicanism, c. perpetual peace, inter-nationalism d. Nussbuam’s cosmopolitanism-
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d.1. human rights and humanitarian intervention Lindahl’s review o Lays the foundation for perpetual peace and republicanism o Nussbaum is a Kantian—but there is a major difference between the two texts Kant—concerned with countries and inevitable progress that will happen in the world (a liberal and son of enlightenment) he believes in progress and predicts and argues how there will be perpetual peace so COUNTRIES dealing with each other! We would all be cosmopolitan citizens once we reached this ideal of perpetual peace Nussbaum—moral argument on cosmopolitanism, how we as individual citizens should behave—she does not address the question of how countries should relate to each other ONLY people morally ect. Tells us how we ought to be as individual citizen She is Kantian in the sense that eventually we could reach this (peace) from being these idealistic citizens o Know critics—look at required critical essays and have a sense of where each one stands o Will help organize thinking about Nuss Barber/himmelfarb=most critical critiques Nationalism vs patriotism ==are they similar?
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Lindahls Review Session MC 202 - Lindahls Review Session MC...

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