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Unformatted text preview: MAE002 Beyond The Black Box Reading Questions Here are a series of questions to guide your reading and focus in the book Beyond The Black Box, The Forensics of Airplane Crashes By George Bible, 2008, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore MD. These questions are grouped by chapter. 1 The Crash Investigation Process 1.1. What are the differences in responsibilities between the NTSB and FAA? 1.2. What are the differences in the two black boxes carried on large commercial aircraft? 1.3. What is the Party System in aircraft crash investigation? 2 How Planes (Often) Crash 2.1. What was the cause of the British Midlands Flight 092 crash? 2.2. What were all the components that failed to cause the crash of the DC-10 in Chicago on May 25, 1979? 2.3. What are the requirements for aircraft crash survivability? 2.4. What are the coefficients for static friction between tires and dry concrete, wet concrete, and ice? 2.5. What is the relationship between impact force and acceleration? Related to this, why are crashes at shallow angles more survivable than crashes at steep angles? 2.6. Aircraft can tolerate crashes with much higher horizontal velocities than vertical velocities. Using your answer to the previous question, explain why. 2.7. Vertical drop tests are used to study the effects of excessive vertical speed during landings. Using the kinetic and potential energy equations, be able to derive the relationship between impact velocity and drop height. 2.8. Using the work and kinetic energy equations, how can an estimate of crash force be made? 2.9. Why do crush zones make the crash more survivable? Explain using Newtons second law of motion. 2.10. Aircraft seats are a critical element in making crashes survivable. List at least three things that a seat should do during a crash to improve the occupants safety....
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btbb_questions - MAE002 Beyond The Black Box Reading...

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