MAE1004_HANDOUT_7 - MAE 004 LAB HANDOUT # 7 Note: This...

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Page 1 of 4 MAE 1004 Lab Handout # 7 MAE 004 LAB HANDOUT # 7 Note : o This handout covers Chapters # 4 and # 5 of the Pro/E Wildfire 5.0 textbook FUNDAMENTALS ON THE TOPICS TO BE COVERED IN LAB Datums Datums are imaginary features and not model geometries that that can be used as reference to construct features, assembling components, etc. Datum planes, datum axes, datum points, and datum curves are the different types of datums available in Pro/E. All datums are considered part features and can be redefined. Figure. 1 Datum plane tangent to the cylinder In a complicated part, it is likely that not all the features can be created on a single plane. Datum planes can be created and used as a sketch plane where no suitable one currently exists and can be used to draw the remaining features. Thus, the primary use of a datum plane is to serve as a sketching plane. As an example, a datum plane can be constructed tangent to a cylinder (as shown in Figure.1 ) This newly constructed plane can be used as a sketching plane to further create any extruded feature on the cylinder. Another example where datum planes are
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MAE1004_HANDOUT_7 - MAE 004 LAB HANDOUT # 7 Note: This...

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