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Physics Lab 3 - University Physics 1021, Feldman...

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University Physics 1021, Feldman Introduction In this lab, we used many different conceptual techniques to convert data taken into meaningful information. We used our knowledge of torque to calculate the moment of Inertia of the weight on the string. Basically, Torque = (Moment of Inertia * α). α is equal to ω/t which is equal to v/(r*t) which equals a/r. Substituting this in for α, you get the equation Torque = Moment of Inertia * α. Torque, based on the lever arm, is equal to the radius*weight of the piece on the string. By setting these two equations equal to each other, it was easy to substitute in all known values and find I. Other math skills were at use in this lab, such as the ability to relate equations and sum forces, then cancelling and rearranging equations until we the found the values we were looking for. We also increased our abilities with logger pro, using the sensor, and using the cylinder-and-string system. We implemented prior knowledge of measuring accurately with a ruler (measuring the string). We also learned how to use a vernier caliper and used it to measure the diameter of the cylinder. Finally, we used our new knowledge of forces and our knowledge of free-body diagrams to solve for the weight of the 10-gram piece and find the moment arm. In
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Physics Lab 3 - University Physics 1021, Feldman...

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