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Lecture+05+-+HTML+cont - CS170Lecture5 MoreHTML...

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CS 170 Lecture 5:  More HTML A note on assignment turn in times: *GENERALLY* they will be on Fridays at 12 pm. They were previously at 5 pm Note: All HTML work must display correctly in Firefox on Windows. If you don’t have  windows, you can use a windows machine in the computer labs. You can download firefox for free from http://www.firefox.com Kristian Stout [email protected] Office IN: Livingston Student Center, A lounge near “the rock” and the commuter lounge. Office Hours: TTH 5:30 – 6:30
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Fonts Font  <font>some sentence</font> a font is a “set of type” for making characters appear  a certain way. This is a font called Arial This is a font called Times New Roman This is a font called Comic Sans MS This is a font called Impact Common Attributes Face  <font face='Arial'>some text</font> Size <font size='2'>some text</font> Works in reverse of how the <h1>. ..<h6> tags work Color  <font color='Red'>some text</font>
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Lecture+05+-+HTML+cont - CS170Lecture5 MoreHTML...

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