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Study Guide – Exam 4, Abnormal Psychology Exam Date: Friday, December 10 from 10:20 – 11:40 am, our regular class period. Please note that there will be NO MAKEUPS on the last exam; this is because final grades for this course are due two days after the exam. Please be sure that you are aware of the exam date, and make sure you are here to take the exam that day; otherwise you risk getting a low grade in the course. Here is what you should study for the last exam: - know all diagnostic criteria for personality disorders. You will be asked to match the disorder with its main defining symptoms on several exam items. - know how to tell the Axis II disorders apart, some are similar - are there gender biases in the diagnosis of personality disorders? - why is it important for us to gain a better understanding about personality disorders? - know how to recognize a description of someone with each personality disorder
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Unformatted text preview: - know basic facts from the slides about gender identity disorder- know all the elements of a healthy sexual encounter- know the five-stage model of the human sexual response, in the correct sequence. Also know the gender differences in stages of the human sexual response.- know symptoms of sexual disorders- how might your instructor improve the sex lives of heterosexual Americans?- what situations or cues excite females versus males?- know how to recognize each of the paraphilias (we’ll cover these in the last lecture)- are there biases in sexual orientation (gay, straight) in the diagnosis of sexual disorders? Good luck on exam 4! Here is a question off the exam… Gender identity disorder can only occur after puberty, when sexual identity is established. a) TRUE b) FALSE...
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