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Instructions for Taking Exams in Abnormal Psych On the day of the exam, you are asked to wait outside the classroom while we set up one exam on each desk. We will begin letting groups of people into the room when we are ready. All seats will have to be filled, so please do not leave an empty chair between you and the person sitting next to you. All of your belongings will be put completely under your chair or to either side of the room and up on the stage; you are not allowed to have any bags, coats, etc. at your seat. You cannot wear hats or earphones during the exam. All cellphones must be turned off . If phones ring during the exam you cannot answer them. You will need at least two #2 pencils with erasers. We cannot provide pencils or erasers. Please be sure that you have filled in your name, correct i.d. number, and the test form (1, 2, or 3) on your scantron. If any of this information is omitted, you will automatically lose 5 points . Do not leave any blank spaces before your i.d. number, and if the first number is ‘0’ be sure to bubble in the ‘0.’ You must bubble in each of your responses in the correct way. Do not
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exam2_study_guide - Instructions for Taking Exams in...

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