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Adapted from Greenberger & Padesky, Mind Over Mood THOUGHT RECORD 1. Toxic Thought This should be a single thought, written verbatim, should include the word “I,” should be written in the present tense. 2. Situation Who? What? When? Where? 3. Moods What did you feel when you had the toxic thought? Rate the intensity of each mood (0-100%). 4. Evidence That Supports the Toxic Thought What facts support
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Unformatted text preview: your toxic thought? 5. Evidence that Does Not Support the ToxicThought You should have 3 pieces of evidence in column 5 for every 1 piece in column 4. 6. Alternative / Balanced Thought Write an alternative balanced thought based on the evidence. 7. Rate Moods Now Write moods listed in Column 3 as well as any new moods, then rate their intensity (0-100%). 1. 2. 3....
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