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Background & Methodology

Background & Methodology - We believe that the...

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(Background) The purpose of this study, as stated in the original project proposal, has been to assist Netflix, Inc. (a) identify consumer complaints against the company, (b) analyze the underlying causes, and (c) propose specific solutions that will improve the Netflix service. Our team of highly qualified professionals has worked tirelessly to achieve these goals, in the hopes that corporate management of Netflix, Inc. will carefully consider the analysis and recommendations found in this report. As the digital entertainment industry continues to grow, it is crucial that Netflix, Inc. keeps abreast of the demands of its consumer. Netflix once controlled a significant portion of the market for streaming entertainment, but as competitors (notably, Redbox and Blockbuster) stand ready to roll out new innovations in their services, Netflix must be prepared to defend its brand.
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Unformatted text preview: We believe that the recommendations found in this report will not only strengthen the company infrastructure and reputation, but will also add value for the consumer. (Methodology) The research process began with a brainstorming session by the Bright Horizon team members to determine which method of complaint sampling would be the most effective. Rather than gather complaints from a single website, several reputable consumer feedback websites were used to encompass a more extensive variety of complaints (see Appendix A). The team members then categorized the complaints by topic, which further revealed trends and subtopics within the complaint categories. Each team member was assigned a specific category of complaints to analyze, based on their personal qualifications and expertise. An analysis of their finding can be found on pages ???-??? of this report....
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