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Executive Summary Findings Bright Horizons has collected data from dissatisfied Netflix customers in order to understand the scope and range of complaints. These complaints have been categorized and quantified in order to focus on the most important steps to be taken in reducing customer turnover, and increasing revenue. The findings of those complaints are described within three sections: 1. Pricing a. Subscription Issues b. Billing Issues 2. Product Quality a. Damaged DVDs b. Streaming Video c. Selection and Availability d. Website Navigation 3. Customer Service a. Customer Correspondence b. Customer-service Responses c. Website Features Most importantly, we have included a series of recommendations that address each individual
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Unformatted text preview: issue. We are conscious of budget constrictions, and thus created the most cost-effective solutions, in order to focus on viable and practical solutions that will contribute to added Netflix revenue. This is primarily achieved through garnering customer loyalty, increasing customer retention rates, and attracting new customers through added services. Conclusion The most basic conclusion derived from our research, and the emphasis of our recommendations, is to increase product quality, through the simplest means possible. This justifies the recent price increases in the customers’ perspective, and will promote longevity....
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