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How to make up your own ‘Millionnaire’ game using the Powerpoint template supplied: •Open PowerPoint, then use ‘File/Open’ to find ‘millionnaire’ in P:\MFL\French. •Use ‘File/Save As’ to give your new creation a name, and to place it in a suitable folder. (‘Save’ frequently from now on!) •Decide on the total number of questions in your quiz and, by copy/pasting and moving files in Slide Sorter view, arrive at a ‘randomised’ answer sequence. To copy/paste a slide, simply right-click on it and select Copy from the menu which appears. Now move your cursor to the place where you want your new slide to appear, then right-click and select Paste. To move slides (so that the answer sequence is not a straightforward rotation of A, then B, then C, then D!) just left-click on a slide and, with the left mouse button depressed, drag it to a new position and release. •Now double-click on Slide 2 to begin entering your questions and answers. The screen display will change from
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