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yr11_shoppin - GCSE ROLE PLAY GCSE 1 At the café a Say you...

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Unformatted text preview: GCSE ROLE PLAY GCSE 1. At the café a) Say you would like an orange juice a) and a coffee. and Je voudrais un jus d’orange et un café. b) Say you want a beer for your father. Je voudrais une bière pour mon père. c) Ask if they have any sandwiches. Avez-vous des sandwichs? GCSE ROLEPLAY GCSE 2. At the chemist a) Ask if the chemist can help you Vous pouvez m’aider? b) Say what is wrong with you. J’ai mal à la tête etc…. la c) ask how much it costs C’est combien? GCSE ROLEPLAY GCSE 3. At the cinema a) Ask when the film starts A quelle heure commence le film? b) Say you want two tickets please. Je voudrais deux billets, s’il vous plaît. c) Ask if you can buy sweets. (Est-ce que) je peux acheter des bonbons? bonbons? GCSE ROLEPLAY GCSE 4. Describing someone a) Say he is nine years old. Il a neuf ans. (In French – he has 9 years) b) Say he has short blond hair. Il a les cheveux courts et blonds. c) Say he’s wearing jeans and a yellow t-shirt. Il porte un jean et un t-shirt jaune. GCSE ROLEPLAY GCSE 5. At the post office a) Ask how much it costs to send a letter to a) Spain. Spain. C’est combien envoyer une lettre en Espagne? b) Ask for one stamp, please. Je voudrais une timbre s’il vous plaît. c) Ask if they have any postcards. Avez-vous des cartes postales? Now try these…. Now 6. At the train station 7. Shopping a) Ask when the next a) Say you want a Ask Say train to Paris present for your leaves. grandmother. leaves. grandmother. b) Ask for a return b) Say you would like Ask Say ticket, second class. a souvenir of the ticket, region. region. c) Ask what platform Ask the train leaves c) Say you have 20 Say from. Euros from. Euros Check your answers Check 6. a) A quelle heure part quelle le prochain train pour Paris? pour b) Je voudrais un allerretour, deuxième ème classe. classe. c) C’est quel quai? 7. 7. a) Je voudrais un cadeau pour ma grand-mère. grand-m b) Je voudrais un b) souvenir de la région. souvenir c) J’ai vingt Euros ...
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