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Unformatted text preview: Graphing Linear Equations Graphing Linear Equations can be graphed on Linear a Cartesian Coordinate system Cartesian • 100’s of free ppt’s from library y-axis x-axis Cartesian Coordinate system y-axis Quadrant II Quadrant I Origin Quadrant III Quadrant IV x-axis All points on a graph are plotted by first finding the x-coordinate and then the y-coordinate y-coordinate You always graph a point starting from You the Origin Origin All points are written in the form ( x , y ) Quadrant II Quadrant I x is negative x is positive y is positive y is positive Quadrant III Quadrant IV x is negative x is positive y is negative y is negative Point (3,5) In order to graph a line, you need to know either: know A point and the point Slope of the line Slope OR Two points on the Two line line ...
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