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Also unlike an ordinary photo a hologram contains all

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Unformatted text preview: that more of them are at higher energy levels (excited state) than are at lower energy levels. When an excited electron drops back to a lower energy level, a photon of a particular wavelength is released. This photon stimulates other electrons to emit photons. All these photons are in phase. Holograms As with any type of wave, light waves can interfere with one another. The interference of two or more waves will carry the whole information about all the waves. It is on this basis that holograms work. Holograms make use of lasers and they work in the following fashion: (Explanation on next slide.) Beam Splitter Laser Object Beam Beam Spreader Object Reference Reference Beam Mirror Light wave interference Film Plate Holograms (cont.) As the laser hits the beam splitter, it is split in two. The object beam heads towards the object of interest, while the reference beam heads toward a mirror. The beams are identical until the object beam shines on the object. There some of the light is absorbed; some is reflected toward the film. After reflecting off...
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