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Unformatted text preview: passes Alpha Centauri he sends a radio message back to Earth and continues traveling away from Earth. The Earthlings reply immediately. How long must Schmedrick wait for his reply? Solution on next slide Space Travel & The Speed of Light (cont.) Answer: Since we know a trip back and forth from Alpha Centauri takes a total of 8.6 years, we can set up our equation in the following way: d = vt (c = 1 in light years per year) 8.6 + v t = c t ⇒ 8.6 + 0.03 c t = c t ⇒ 8.6 + 0.03 t = t ⇒ 8.6 = 0.97 t ⇒ 8.6 / 0.97 = 8.87 A. C. S. 4.3 ly v t Schmedrick will have to wait 8.87 years to get a reply back from earth. Links: Find out more about Alpha Centauri here. Why Objects Have Color Visible light is a combination of many wavelengths (colors), which give it a white appearance. When light hits an object certain wavelengths are reflected and others are absorbed. The reflected wavelengths are the ones we see and determine the color of an object. In the first picture the tomato absorbs blue and green wavel...
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