Einstein resolved the problem in 1905 with his theory

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Unformatted text preview: u run east or west, however, not only will the wind seem to change speed, so will its direction. Now imagine a race between two equally fast swimmers. They each go the same distance in a river, but one goes upstream and back while the other goes directly across the river and back. With no current the race would definitely be a tie, since their speeds and distances are the same. With a current, however, the cross-stream swimmer will win. This is not obvious. You should try to prove this. For a hint see the “ river crossing--relative velocities” slide from the presentation on vectors. It involves the same principle as Michelson’s interferometer (but without lasers). Michelson-Morely Michelson-Morely Experiment (cont.) Michelson built something called an interferometer to try to measure a change in the speed of light in two different directions. The Earth moving through the ether around the sun is analogous to a wind or current. Instead of racing two swimmers, Michelson raced beams of light. Light was shone onto a mirror that allowed half...
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