Now imagine that you place another filter that is

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Unformatted text preview: Lig ht Light coming directly from the sun or Electric Field other sources is unpolarized, meaning Orientations the electric and magnetic fields oscillate in many different planes. Polarized light refers to light in which all waves have electric fields oscillating in the same plane. Imagine trying to pass a large piece of sheet metal through the bars of a jail cell. To do this you would have to orient the sheet vertically (or nearly so), otherwise the bars would block the sheet. Here, the bars are analogous to a polarizing filter, and the sheet is analogous to the plane in which the electric field is oscillating. in A polarizing filter is made of a material with long molecules that allow electromagnetic waves of one orientation through. If a wave has an electric field with any other orientation, the filter will only allow a component to pass through, absorbing the rest. Note that only transverse waves such as light can be polarized. Much of the light we see is at least partially polarized. For...
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