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Robert millikan did a series of experiments involving

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Unformatted text preview: e angles between the filters adds up to 90°. With each pass the light is oriented in a new direction, and this new orientation has a component parallel to the orientation of the next filter. Light Exits Light Enters Twisting Light Quantum Mechanic--Background Recall that a black body is an ideal absorber of all incident radiation. A hot black body is also a perfect emitter--radiation is the result of its temperature, and since none of this is absorbed, it is a perfect emitter of radiation. A black body emits all wavelengths of light but not equally; there is always a wavelength in which the radiation peaks. The hotter the black body, the smaller the peak wavelength. Objects around you are cool, so their peak is in the infrared. The sun is hot enough to peak in the visible spectrum (all other wavelengths are emitted too but at lower intensities). In the late 19th century classical physics had predicted something impossible: as the temperature rises, the intensity of the peak radiation approaches infinity (red dashed line). The theory did match experimen...
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