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Unformatted text preview: agnetic wave (light). The fields travel through space together. They have the same period and wavelength, but they oscillate in two different planes, which are perpendicular to each other. The electric field, the magnetic field, and the wave direction are all mutually perpendicular. For some additional pictures, check out these links below. Remember, what you’re seeing is just a snapshot in time (see animation). Wave Pic Light animation Propagation in matter Oscillating charge animation Frequency and Wavelength The frequency of a light wave corresponds to the color we see. The amplitude corresponds to brightness. Light Sound Frequency Color Pitch Amplitude Brightness Loudness The frequency of visible light is extremely high compared to that of audible sound. Red light, for example, is the lowest frequency of visible light, but even red light has a frequency of over 400 trillion Hertz. This means if you’re looking at a red light, over 400 trillion full cycles of red light enter your...
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