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With a current however the cross stream swimmer will

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Unformatted text preview: ight at a rotating mirror, which reflected to a stationary mirror, back to the rotating mirror, and finally back toward the source. Because the rotating mirror turned slightly while the light was traveling to the stationary mirror and back, the rotating mirror reflected the light at a slight angle. This angle allowed him to calculate c. Michelson-Morely Experiment Albert Michelson is best known for an experiment he did with Edward Morely in 1887. At the time it wasn’t understood that light needed no medium through which to travel. It was proposed that light traveled through an invisible “ether” in space. The Michelson-Morely experiment was an attempt to detect Earth’s motion through the ether. Here’s how it worked: First imagine you’re standing still outside and there is a wind coming from the north. If you run north, you’ll measure a greater wind speed. If you run south, you’ll measure it slower. Whether you run north or south, though, you’ll still feel the wind coming from the north. If yo...
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