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Unformatted text preview: ker near the bottom, different wavelengths are reinforced at different heights, producing bands of colors. Interestingly, a bubble on the space shuttle will not produce bands of different colors. This is because the shuttle is in free fall around Earth, which means bubbles behavior as if they’re in a gravity-free environment. Continued on Next Thus, bubbles are of uniform thickness. Thin Films (cont.) So how do we determine which color will be produced at a particular point on a bubble or other thin film? Well, if the thickness of the film is λ/4, then light of wavelength λ will be reinforced. Here’s why: The then the round trip in the film will be λ/2. This means the two waves will be in phase, since one was inverted and one wasn’t. Bubble Wall Bubble Wall λ /4 Original Wave Inverted wave from 1st reflection superimposed with upright wave from 2nd reflection Transmitted wave superimposed with upright wave from 2nd reflection air outside bubble air inside bubble Polarized Light Be am o...
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