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Starter conductors and insulatorsOpt

Starter conductors and insulatorsOpt - 3 Insulators a re m...

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Conductors and Insulators OBJECTIVES By the  e nd o f this  le s s o n yo u s ho uld kno w: 1. That  Heat Energy  flo ws  fro m  hig h to  lo w  temperatures . 2. Conductor  is  a m ate rial that allo ws  he at  e ne rg y to  flo w thro ug h it q uic kly. S o m e   m ate rials  are  be tte r c o nduc to rs  than o the rs .
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Insulators a re m a te ria ls tha t a re po o r c o nduc to rs o f he a t e ne rg y. 4. Tha t c o nduc tio n in s o lids , liq uids a nd g a s e s c a n b e e xpla ine d with the Particle model . • 100’s of free ppt’s from www.pptpoint.com library...
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