Comm 387 Lecture Notes Exam 2

Comm 387 Lecture Notes Exam 2 - COMM 387 Lecture Notes Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: COMM 387 Lecture Notes Exam 2 (Lectures 6-13) Lecture 6 Intellectual & Historical Roots of Public Relations *Top 5 Public Relations Companies 1. Buston-Marsteller 2. Edelman 3. Fleishman-Hillard 4. Hill & Knowlton 5. Weber Shandarick Worldwide *If advertising is the VISIBLE arm of corporate speech, then Public Relations is its INVISIBLE partner-the essence of PR is that you cant see it; it has manipulated reality without showing who has done it-the world is constructed in a particular direction *Almost every single major issue today is the target of the public relations industry acting on behalf of its corporate clients *Quote #1 Alex Carey-democracy is a relatively recent phenomenon -the growth in power of corporations and the amount of resources they control-corporate power and democracy are at odds (more democracy is bad for corporate power and more corporate power is bad for democracy) *Major historical analysis of the PR industry: *Stuart Ewen wrote PR: A Social History of Spin *Quote #2 Ewen *In response to this a number of middle-class writersprogressive journalistsare very critical of the excess of big business Ex) Edward Bellamy, Henry George, Upton Sinclair-These years are years of intense conflict between different groups and it breaks out *Quotes #3 Upton Sinclair *But then these progressive journalists start to worry about something else--the fear of revolution from belowfrom the working class-- Walter LippmanDrift and Mastery (1914) worried about the unruly working class having too much power *Quote #4 Ewen *By 1914 the dread of social chaos and upheaval from BELOW had replaced the fear of corporate abuse and restructured the priorities of mainstream Progressivism *It is now fear of the unruly and irrational CROWD that worried middle-class writers *Influential book from 1885 Gustave Le Bon The Crowd: A study of the popular mind-For much of history the opinion of the masses have mattered *Quote #5 Gustave Le Bon *Major Question that emerges now: How to achieve social control of the unruly mob? Answer: The new mass media-you can also enforce the mob *Quote #6 Ewen *The first person to fully grasp this Ivy Lee (also Edward Bernaise) *Quote #7 Ivy Lee He was among the first public relations counsels *He says there is No such thing as the truth Truth is the ability to make people believe your definition of somethingto make them believe your story-We are symbolic creatures; our understanding of the world is based on the stories we are exposed to and those stories become real *Learnt the lesson of Confuciusthe powerful should rectify the languagecontrol the categories of language the categories through which we think about the world *Quote #8 Ivy Lee Lecture 7 -rectify the language means to control the language MovieImage Makers-Ivy Lee-John D. Rockefeller Sr. (the worlds richest sportsman)-April 20 th , 1914...
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Comm 387 Lecture Notes Exam 2 - COMM 387 Lecture Notes Exam...

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