Anthropology 105 - Anthropology 105 In every area of the...

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Anthropology 105 In every area of the world, there are different languages, dialects, and accents. Although many claim to not have an accent, everyone does, and it usually depends on where they live. According to Ottenheimer, “Generally whatever is regarded as “the norm” is considered to be the “standard” way of speaking, and all other variants are called “dialects”, or sometimes even “nonstandard languages” (Ottenheimer pg 105). Location changes what everyone considers the standard language to be, and location will also determine certain dialects. For example, people living in Boston have a very different way of speaking than someone living in Atlanta. Not only does location change the sound of someone’s speech, it will also usually affect what words, phrases, or situations in which words are used. One can compare the South with saying y’all, and the North saying you all. Different social settings affect the way people speak, and what words they use. One word that I found that fit into this category well was dingle. In the town I am from, Longmeadow Massachusetts, a dingle is considered to be woods in the backyard of a house. A dingle will usually contain a small brook or stream. As a kid, I remember playing in dingles all over the neighborhood, and it was a typically common word in my town. It wasn’t until I was older did I realize that my town was the only town that used the word dingle. It didn’t matter what age or gender a person was, mostly everyone in the
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Anthropology 105 - Anthropology 105 In every area of the...

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