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Anthro essay 2 - Anthro essay 2 Language changes over time...

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Anthro essay 2 Language changes over time “All Languages change over time… Change affects any part of a language, including phonology, morphology, syntax, spelling and more.” This quote written by Harriet Ottenheimer in The Anthropology of Language describes how language is always in flux. These changes are categorized into internal and external change. Internal change refers to the kinds of changes cause by the way speakers gradually modify their language over time, while external change is from contact and borrowing which happens more rapidly. Both of these changes affect any part of the language including phonology, morphology, syntax and spelling. Phonology is the study of language sounds. An example of a way phonology changes over time is from borrowed words. Borrowed words change pronunciation over time. Over many years people may not even remember or recognize the origin of the word. Some borrowed words, which Americans have changed over time, include tomato,
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