anthro wordmaking - Anthropology October 8, 2008 For an...

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Anthropology October 8, 2008 For an anthropology project, groups were asked to make two unique and obscure words, and two made-up words. To help come up with the fictional words, groups used the nine techniques of word making, derivation, compounding, functio nal shift, back formation and clipping, proper names, imitation, blending, and original coinage. The group then presented the words to the class complete with three different definitions of each word. The class was then supposed to guess if the word was real of fictional. If anyone felt a word was real, they were then asked what they felt was the correct definition. When deciding whether a word was real or fake, students would search the word for morphemes, the spelling of the word, if any of the definitions made sense. While reviewing the “scores” for the game, students were able to, in most cases, tell if the word was real, and students had even more success when determining that a word was made-up. Going through the words, similarities can be found in the word making, and also in the creations of the definitions. Through the use of the nine word-making techniques, and morphemes, students were able to determine their opinion on the words. Group one presented the first word, corptual. The group used the blending
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anthro wordmaking - Anthropology October 8, 2008 For an...

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