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Anthropology 105 12/7/08 Conversation Observation Over Thanksgiving break, I decided to listen to a group’s conversation and write notes regarding the topics they spoke about. I observed two different groups speaking about the same topic, and, I noticed different changes, which occurred with the people I talked to. The first group I observed was a group of high school aged girls, whereas the second group I observed where younger girls around age eleven communicating with an older teenager. Although both groups were talking about a common subject, boys and crushes, I found age makes a difference with how one speaks about the opposite gender. The first group I observed where high school aged girls. They were at an ice rink, waiting for the zamboni to get off the ice, so they could go skate. All of the girls in the group all were interested in men, and acting as typical girls, gossiping with each other while they waited. One of the older girls, Tylar began talking about her latest crush, Keith. She started with, “There is a really cute boy in my forensics class, he always jokes around with me, and talks to me.” When that sparked interest in the other girls, she continued with “He was flirting with me all through class, he would constantly find ways to talk to me or touch me, and he even followed me to my locker.” All of the girls gave their approval, and she went on to tell them how hot he was, and how he hoped he would ask her on a date. The girls she was talking to all seemed interested in the topic of her, and almost egged her on for me details, but the conversation about her crush soon ended when the zamboni was
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anthro3sit - Anthropology 105 Conversation Observation Over...

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