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Essay 4 The tragic case of Genie was known to linguists, and anthropologists as the “Forbidden Experiment”. Genie grew up in an abusive situation. She was kept in her dark room all day usually locked down in a potty chair. She was not exposed to language during the critical period, which according to the Lenneberg Theory is two years to puberty. When Genie went through the process of language acquisition, the process of a child acquiring and learning a language for the first time, she was 13. Since Genie was past puberty it was hard for her to learn language. Genie was able to speak, and understand language, but like the chimps in the film, “Can Chimps Talk”, she was unable to form sentences did not use the proper syntax. Language socialization is the process by which a child achieves communication competence and is socialized into a group and is able to speak properly. Since Genie was locked in her room during the critical period, she
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Unformatted text preview: was never able to socialize with peers, or anyone for that matter. She was therefore never introduced to language, when she did make a noise, her father would beat her, cementing the idea into her head that making sounds was bad. Kanzi, a chimp, was also able to communicate. Kanzi began learning ways to communicate as a younger chimp during the critical period. Even though he was never able to speak, he was able to understand language. Growing up in the human world, Kanzi was exposed to language therefore; he was able to learn indirectly, like a human baby would normally learn language. The theories prove that there is a critical period for a child to learn language. Although one may be able to learn language a later age, it will be harder for them to form sentences, and use the language correctly....
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