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Essay number 1 Chimps when raised in human conditions have an ability to communicate, but not through vocal language. As seen in the film “Can Chimps Talk”, through the use of pictures, and keyboards or lexigrams chimps are able to communicate with humans. These processes are usually quite effective. Kanzi, a chimp, was able to communicate with his guardian that he was hungry, and through the keypad he was able to say what food he wanted. Also while comparing the bone structure of a chimp with one of a human, it is noted that chimps don’t have the vocal tract to communicate they way humans do. The position of the larynx is lower on humans. Therefore giving the ability of language to humans. Chimps are only able to make vowel sounds, whereas humans are capable of much more. Although chimps are able to communicate with humans, they are unable to communicate in a syntactical way. Chimps are unable to combine words in a meaningful way, and they are unable to change the morphological ways of words. They
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