women studies final review

women studies final review - Global Factory- transitional...

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Global Factory - transitional production maquiladoras sweatshops, local/global trade policies, WTO, GAIT/NAFTA/CAFTA Offshore production - relocation of a company from one country to another. Precautionary principle - moral and political principle which states that if an action or policy might cause severe or irreversible harm to the publice or to the environment, there is a responsibility to intervene and protect public from harm. Burden falls on those who would advocate taking the action Deep ecology - self realization for evert being and a “biocentric” equality among species Montgomery bus boycotts - marked a period where whole community came together, Joanne Robinson and MLK were organizers, lasted 381 days (1955-56)(supposed to last a week), triggered more national boycotts. Republican motherhood - women denied a reasonable education but trained in social artifications -women responsible for the moral characteristics of the children for the progress of the Republic of the US -“education of the women should always be relative to that of men” -Rousseau Sweatshops - factories in which workers work long hours with low wages and bad working conditions, usually in 3 rd world con Environmental racism - draws on the concepts of civil rights, under all citizens have a right to healthy living and working conditions Reproductive justice - poorer families have more children- can’t afford birth control - being able to not have children when you don’t want to (vice versa) Suffrage movement- women’s movement for the right to vote. 19 th amendment in 1920s. Freedom summer- 1964, 600 college students camt to MS for voter registration for the MFDP, also worked at freedom schools and community centers Greensboro sit ins - In N.C. 1960- 4 African American students sit in lunch counters at department store, peacefully, end up being arrested. First wave feminism - (late 1800s-early 1900s) -suffragists, abolition movement Ecological footprint - something which has permanently damaged or had a negative impression on the environment Maquiladoras - sweatshop factories in Mexico where workers were denied rights, and treated poorly. Factory which imports materials and equipment on a duty and tariff- free basis for assembly or manufacturing and then re-exports that product, from original country. Equal pay - when males and females get payed equally for the same work done. Consumption - how much one takes, buys, consumers. Using of goods and services that have a value Emotional labor - a form of emotional regulation wherin workers are expected to display certain emotions as part of their job, to promote organizational goals. Comparable worth - think equal pay for men and women, if doing equal work then both should be paid the same wage Intimately oppressed - married women’s status in society as analogous to that of a slave- slavery as a metaphor for marriage carried a transformative vision of equality -women restrictive and subjugated domestic roles
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women studies final review - Global Factory- transitional...

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