women studiesDOVE - 10/13/09 When looking at an...

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10/13/09 When looking at an advertisement whether it is in a magazine on, a billboard, or on a side of a bus, one is faced with the same pictures over and over again. Tall, beautiful, thin models, whose flawless faces make the average girl, yearn for these features. These gorgeous models urge us, the normal people to strive to achieve these looks. Recently in some advertisements, like Dove’s campaign for “Real Beauty”, normal women are being featured, and their normal body and look is the emphasis of the ad. The Real Beauty campaign is helping create a healthier image for young girls to aspire to. Young girls see advertisements that glamorize models, who are over 5’10” and weigh 110 pounds. The see these pictures and see this as the norm. This high standard of beauty affects these girls negatively, leading to eating disorders or some form of disordered eating. These super thin models promote a bad body image for young girls, at an age where one will do anything to fit the mold of what they believe is cool or popular
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women studiesDOVE - 10/13/09 When looking at an...

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