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COMM 22 study guide - Advertising Terms and Practices CPM:...

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Advertising Terms and Practices CPM: (Cost per thousand) cost per every thousand people exposed to a commercial Local National Spot- non-network groups of stations Network Ads Clipping - editing programs to put more ads in syndicated programs Per Inquiry Ads Cooperative Ads - arrangement in which national advertisers assist local retailers in paying for ads Double-billing - when companies ask more (local stations + dealer) money fromo national business Make-Goods- adjustments , reduces scatter market Up-front- network tv time that is sold in the summer before the actual tv season begins. Frequently for dayparts as opposed to actual programs Inventory -amount of available ad time a media outlet has to sell; unsold time Scatter -leftover ad time to sell Pods - cluster of commercials, promotions or other announcements Adjacencies - commercial placement that immediately precedes or follows a specific tv, cable, or radio Clutter - commercials and other nonprogram material broadcast during program breaks Roles/Activities of Ad Agency Commissions Research and campaigns National sales rep - national spots (non-network)-groups of stations BAR-type reports- broadcast advertising reports (verification services) KeepingTrac RAB - radio advertising bureau, help individual stations put together materials about audiences to get advertisers TvB -television advertising bureau CAB IAB - Interactive advertising bureau Roles DMAs - designated market areas, over 3000 companies = 210 DMAs
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COMM 22 study guide - Advertising Terms and Practices CPM:...

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