english final reflection

english final reflection - English 112 Dear Becca You will...

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5/12/09 English 112 Dear Becca, You will walk into room 102 in Herter Hall with 3 of your friends. You will be looking forward to the rest of the semester, and will be eager to learn more about writing. Throughout this semester, I have noticed and watched myself grow as a writer. Unknowingly, I have learned new techniques, and focused more on different aspects of writing that I have previously ignored. I look back on all my work from this past semester, and I notice personal growth through my essays, but I also notice common mistakes I have made. Although I have seen myself grow as a writer over the semester, I believe that my best work was the first paper I wrote for section one. I believe this to be the case because I wrote my personal essay on a subject that had recently happened. The story was fresh in my mind, and I was able to remember things about the topic extremely easily. The essay was also about something incredibly personal. Writing this essay was a really great way to reflect upon my Uncle’s death, and also provided closure to the death. When I wrote the paper, my uncle had passed about a week previously, and even during the pre-drafts, he was still alive, and I was going to write about his fight with cancer. Unfortunately I had to change around my ideas, but overall I was really happy with this paper despite the unfortunate circumstances the paper revolved around. I believe one thing that has helped me grow as a writer this semester is the writing
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english final reflection - English 112 Dear Becca You will...

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