English2 - English 112 When one is growing up they learn many things about their life and other various life lessons One learns to appreciate and

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English 112 2/4/09 When one is growing up, they learn many things about their life, and other various life lessons. One learns to appreciate and respect their culture, and take things in. In “If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?” written by Geeta Kothari, the author is trying to find a place where she fits in. Geeta is constantly shuffling between her parent’s Indian culture and food, and her peers with their American culture and food. She struggles to find a happy medium between the place she lives, America and her Indian ethnicity. Throughout the memoir she relives different experiences she has had throughout her life regarding food. Whether it is with family or friends, or in different countries, she is constantly looking into the differences between the two cultures, and with this she learns many things about herself. The main thing the author, Geeta Kothari learns about herself is that she truly is her parent’s daughter. She finally comes to this conclusion towards the end of this
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