englishbracelet - English 112 Every once in a while I will...

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English 112 2/6/08 Every once in a while I will go through a phase where I will wear a certain thing, or carry something special around with me for a while. When I was a little girl I refused to go anywhere without my pink snow boots, even it was in the middle of July. Now that I am older, I no longer wear the snow boots, but I do wear other smaller things every day. Now I always wear two bracelets, one is my heart bracelet, and the other is my Live Strong bracelet. I started wearing both of these bracelets last April when my uncle, my godfather, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I purchased the heart bracelet when I was in seventh grade at the Big E. My friend Sam had invited me to go with her and her family. As we walked around we looked at all the different shops and kiosks. We felt the hot sun on our backs, and sipped on refreshing lemonade. We smelt all the foods in the different stands, took in the sights of the State Buildings, while enjoying a baked potato and admiring the huge Clydesdale horses and baby chicks in the Farm o Rama building. While walking down a crowded street, one particular booth caught our eyes. Our eyes were in awe as we spotted a beautiful jewelry boutique selling bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Sam and I loved the jewelry so much that we both made purchases. I bought a bracelet, which had blue and grey hearts linked together by silver balls. I bought it because I thought it was beautiful and blue was my favorite color. We were happy with our purchases throwing on our bracelets right away, and even chatted for a while with the owners of the boutique before we ran off, back into the crowded hot street in search for whatever caught our attention next. After I bought the bracelet, I wore it off and on, but after a while I stopped wearing it and completely forgot about it. It was always a pain to put on because the hook was really small and hard to clip together. Last April when my uncle was diagnosed with
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cancer, I found the bracelet, and the hearts made me think of him, so I wore it to show my support for him. My family is very close on my mom’s side. Every Christmas we get together and exchange gifts, and over the summer we have family parties at my lake house. Since my mom and two brothers are a year apart in age, they grew up being really
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englishbracelet - English 112 Every once in a while I will...

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