englishhunger - English 112 3/9/09 Throughout the media,...

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English 112 3/9/09 Throughout the media, females are portrayed as incredibly thin and slim. The media portrays this incredibly skinny girl as the norm, and young girls are being influenced to look like them. Not only are the girls being portrayed as super skinny in the media, but they are also being portrayed as light or picky eaters furthering the influence on girls. Some girls fall under the pressure to be thin, but others stay true to themselves, and don’t fall under the pressure the media places on girls. In the essay, Hunger as Ideology , the author Susan Bordo discusses the women’s body image in the media. She makes various points throughout the article giving various examples of women and how they treat food in the media. She explains how this portrayal of women in the media is a “long standing, devastating ideology that has held women captives of their own desires” (pg 192). Since these slim women are shown in the media resisting their desire for food, Bordo feels this is affecting real women. I agree with this point, and the other various points that Bordo brings up, but I also disagree with some of them. One point Bordo makes in the essay that I agree with is how images of painfully thin and slim girls in the media affect girls in real life. Bordo states, “Today, young women and men no longer experience much of a distinction between the commercially fabricated, artfully arranged images that surround them with aspirations they hold for themselves” (pg 192). I find that many girls I know aspire to be as skinny as those models, but know it is an unrealistic goal. I do know a few girls, who happen to be as thin as those models, but usually this is just because of good genes, and I know girls who look at the models and think they look disgustingly thin and gross. I am aware that many girls
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englishhunger - English 112 3/9/09 Throughout the media,...

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